Commitment to Counsellors

Working with our psychotherapists, therapists and practitioners in mind

At Counsellors UK, we want to form a symbiotic relationship with our members in order to achieve our number one goal:

Ensure people in need can find professional, reputable counsellors like you!

In return for your support, Counsellors UK will ensure that we:

  • Continuously improve our directory system
  • Do all we can to make your profile visible and ranked well by Google and other search engines
  • Provide a free verification service for new registrants
  • Provide a free profile option for all practitioners that fulfil our required standards
  • Bring you offers such as cheaper Counselling Insurance
  • Work with professional bodies where possible to promote reputable practitioners
  • Review all feedback, good and bad in board-level meetings
  • Prioritise people above profit as a Community Interest Company

If you have any queries about Counsellors UK, please check our Counsellor's Questions page page or contact us.