A Community Interest Company

What is a CIC - Community Interest Company?

A CIC is a company which uses any profits made for the good of the public and the community.  These companies can be limited by shares or by guarantee.  Counsellors UK CIC is limited by guarantee.

Charities, clubs, societies and other community projects can be companies limited by guarantee.  Companies limited by guarantee are mainly 'not for profit' organisations who do not distribute their profits to shareholders (this would make the company, limited by shares), but retain the profits within the company or put them to good use within the community and the project. 

Why is Counsellors UK a Community Interest Company?

We felt that we needed to be a 'not for profit' organisation moving forward so that our members and also the members of the public knew how passionate we are about mental health and reinvesting money we make into it and helping people with mental health issues.

At present there is no where near enough money being spent on mental health within the UK and we would like to work with other organisations to help promote awareness and eradicate the stigma associated with having and talking about mental health issues.  We also have some really good idea's on how to help people access low cost counselling from the best, most qualified and reputable Counsellors and Psychotherapists the UK has to offer.