Who are CounsellorsUK?

CounsellorsUK is a counselling and psychotherapy site designed to help and support the general public in their search for reputable counselling and psychotherapy help.

No statutory regulation for the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession means that anyone can set up in practice and this could leave the general public vulnerable. The professional bodies are the organisations which ensure that only counsellors and psychotherapists who meet their membership criterion can practice using the professional bodies name and designated letters and this should give the general public much confidence.  

Here at CounsellorsUK we are working very hard on bringing all that information together under one umbrella so that the general public can access the very best of the talking therapies help.

CounsellorsUK values are based on a commitment to the standards essential for maintaining the reputation of our profession.

People in need of support can use the site safe in the knowledge that it is run by professional practitioners who believe in appropriate training and continuing professional development as key factors in providing a safe and ethical service to potential clients. 

What makes CounsellorsUK different?

What makes CounsellorsUK different is that we’re run by Counsellors and Psychotherapists who understand how essential it is for Counsellors and Psychotherapists to have undergone the appropriate training and how the safety of our clients is of paramount importance.

As well as being a member of one of the main UK professional bodies, these main UK professional bodies have a code of ethics and a complaints procedure.  They also require a minimum training level, the majority of which is face to face, a supervised placement, regular supervision, personal therapy (usually of at least 30 sessions) and continuing professional development (CPD).  All of which are hugely important when ensuring a counsellor is fit to practice.

Individuals who wish to pursue a career in counselling can also look up reputable counselling courses which are either accredited by the professional bodies and/or have the minimum number of face to face classroom hours required so that the newly ‘qualified’ counsellor will then be eligible to apply for accreditation at the end of their course.