Choosing a Counsellor

Tips for Finding the Right Counsellor

Our search system allows you to find Counsellors and Psychotherapists that are near to you. This is obviously important, however, there are other things to consider.

You need to be comfortable with your Counsellor

Take some time to view their profile which may include a photograph and will also provide some further information about them and their approach to counselling.

Location is important but if you can travel a bit further for the counsellor that you think best suits you then it will be worth it!

Issues & Specialisms

Counsellors will typically have a number of issues that they specialise in. We list a number of different issues in our 'What concerns you' section. These are available for our Counsellors to select so that you can find those that specialise in that particular issue.

Once you have made a search from the home page, you will be able to filter results by selecting an issue from the 'I would like to talk about' box. To do this, just start typing a word and any matches will be displayed, ready for you to click on and select.

When the list of Counsellors is displayed, you can view their list of specialisms by clicking the Issues I work with' button.

Don't be afraid to ask questions! 

You can call Counsellors using their telephone numbers published on their profile details page (just below the profile photo). You can also send messages to the counsellor using the 'Contact Me' button on the counsellor summary or the 'Contact via email' link in their profile page (below the profile photo).

Counsellors are professionals and will try and answer your questions honestly. If they are in any doubt that their skills or approach do not fit your situation, they should let you know.

If you have any questions about their approach to therapy, their experience or  aspects of the counselling process, do not hesitate to ask - they are there to help you!

Choose with confidence

All the Counsellors that register on the Counsellors UK website have their details personally checked with the relevant professional body so that we ensure counsellors belong to those professional bodies that we accept.

If you wish to check a Counsellor for yourself, you can contact the professional body displayed against the counsellor's profile to verify them for yourself.