Who are Counsellors UK CIC?

Who are Counsellors UK CIC and what makes us different?

Counsellors UK CIC is a counselling and psychotherapy organisation run by Counsellors and Psychotherapists and is designed to help and support the general public who are searching for professional help at a time in their lives when they may be at their most vulnerable and need help from reputable, professional and well qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.  We feel extremely strongly about the general public having access to only well qualified and professional counselling and psychotherapy.  

At present there is no statutory regulation for the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession, which means that anyone can set up in practice regardless of their training and this could leave the general public very vulnerable.

It can be extremely confusing for someone when they are searching for help.  There are many counselling and psychotherapy professional bodies who all have their own registers and some with differing membership categories.  

At Counsellors UK we have chosen the professional bodies and the membership categories which require the most from their members insisting on a:

  • Minimum amount of face to face classroom hours - over 300 hours - for some training, this is on the low side and they require at least 450 hours and above
  • Supervised placement - where the counsellor gains experience whilst training
  • Regular professional supervision of no less than 1.5 hours per month
  • Personal therapy (usually of at least 20 sessions) whilst training and whenever necessary
  • Requirement of ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) - to keep their skills set current

All of the above are hugely important when ensuring a counsellor is fit to practice. 

Here at Counsellors UK we are working very hard on bringing all that information together under one umbrella so that the general public can access the very best of the talking therapies help.  People in need of support can use our site safe in the knowledge that it is run by professional practitioners who believe in appropriate training and continuing professional development as key factors in providing a safe and ethical service to potential clients.