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Become a Counsellors UK Member...

We’d be delighted to welcome you as a member of Counsellors UK however, you must be a current member of one of the main Counselling and Psychotherapy bodies (Approved Membership Categories Only).

The memberships listed have a number of requirements that we believe are essential for the safety and welfare of the people who use this website to choose a counsellor.

We are also the only Counselling and Psychotherapy directory site that verifies your membership, free of charge and personally with the professional body prior to your profile going live, which is the reason we ask for your membership number/BACP certificate number during the sign up process.

There are two membership options…

1. Basic Free Membership

Includes name, contact details, locations, photo and a brief bio.

Your listing will show below any paid members for your location.

2. Paid Membership - Small Annual Fee of £49

Includes everything you get in a free profile but also:

  • Listing above free member profiles in all search results pages
  • a full profile, linking to,
  • your own web page profile so you can boost your profile on the major search engines.
  • hugely discounted Public Liability Insurance of £49.28 per year (£42.56 UKCP and £20.16 for students)
  • SEO of your profile in the area you wish to promote

If all that wasn’t enough, here are even more reasons to become a member of Counsellors UK CIC, you can be part of a site which is recognised as only allowing the most reputable membership categories from the main UK professional bodies thus showing professionalism and a minimum training standard achieved.

We are have chosen to support YoungMinds to help people earlier in life to get the help they need and nearly 5% from all our paid memberships goes directly to them.

Run by counsellors for counsellors

This not-for-profit website is run by professional counsellors, for counsellors and those in need of their help.

We are continuously working with our member base to improve elements of the website and introduce new features. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us and let us know!

With all that why wouldn't you want to join over 5,000 UK counsellors and psychotherapists who are now even more visible than ever to potential clients.